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Spreading Reimagined

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Smart extraction of financial data

Eliminate manual data entry and get to the real work of financial analysis.
Understand your clients better and faster, down to every line item and footnote.

Any statement

Any statement

  • Financial statements
  • Footnotes
  • Tax returns
Any format

Any format

  • Image
  • Scanned PDF
  • Digital PDF
  • Excel
Any condition

Any condition

  • Rotated
  • Skewed
  • Noisy
Any period

Any period

  • Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Year-to-date
Any preparation type

Any preparation type

  • Management prepared
  • Accountant prepared
  • Reviewed 
  • Audited
Any funding type

Any business type

  • Private
  • Public
  • Non-Profit

Financial statement spreading, powered by AI

Financial Statement Spread In Frame

Our best-in-class technology allows you to spread financial statements from any type of document in a fraction of the time.

Spread Scans, PDFs, Excel, and Images. Footnotes too. Bring your own documents and see it for yourself. 


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Spread tax returns hands-free

Fincura enables hands-free spreading of scanned, skewed, and grainy tax returns in seconds with a 100% accuracy guarantee. Instantly calculate ratios, metrics, cash flow, and debt service coverage so you can spend time on what you do best. 

Fincura - Tax Return Spreading Video

Integrate directly with borrower accounting systems

Connect to your customers' accounting software, purpose-built for business financial statements.

Generate adjustable, standardized financial spreads in as little as two clicks.

The best thing of all? You get unlimited usage. No extra charges.


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Traceability lightens every load

Ever looked at a spread and wondered where a number came from? Us too.

The challenges of financial spreading go far beyond the time you spend typing numbers into a database. Each time you spread by hand, you lose the ability to trace where numbers came from. You spend far too much time figuring out where a number came from, how it was spread, or if there was a data entry error.

Digitize your entire spreading process with Fincura. Trace the components of every number in our spreading database. All the way down to the spot on the source document. Even if it's in a footnote. Spreading categorizations can be viewed and adjusted, if needed, in one click. 

Save over 80% of the time it takes you to spread. Save again each and every time you look at the numbers. See how much you can save here


Save massive amounts of time tracking down resources.

Provide visibility into credit and investment decisions.

Preserve an indelible record for compliance and audit.

Maintain historical knowledge as your team changes.

Calculate Savings

Insights - Debt to Net Fixed Assets (1)

Analyze with complete visibility

Gain ultimate clarity by underwriting within your spreading database. Propose new loans and analyze Debt Service Coverage in real-time. Immediately determine compliance with smart threshold alerts. No more downloading into excel or building models from scratch.

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  • Dive deep down to the line item
  • See every period side-by-side
  • Show your work through every step of analysis
  • Live debt service coverage analysis
  • Move faster with custom thresholds
  • Comment on your spreads
Insights and Analysis

Unlock your spreads with Fincura Insights

Spreads are too rigid. You should be able to model in new debt, see the drivers behind trends, and easily share your findings. Now you can.

Fincura brings financial insights to your fingertips. Experience dozens of workflows to more effectively use your spreads. It's simply the way spreading should be.


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