Rethink financial spreading

You’re sitting on a goldmine of financial data. We'll show you how to use it.

Fincura's financial insight engine

At Fincura, we help commercial finance companies revolutionize the painful but essential process of spreading financial documents.

Our financial insight engine not only makes it radically faster and easier. It also makes spreading more strategic by unifying all of the data that is trapped in silos across your company today. 


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Turbocharge your data

Guide your business with deep data that you’ve never had before

Hit the gas

Increase the speed, accuracy, and consistency of your financial analysis

Make your team hum

Get more time for business critical work that only humans can do

The best of both worlds

There is no formula for analyzing financial statements, but there are clear patterns and a lot of manual data entry. We let you skip the busywork so you can invest more time working on the business. 

Our cloud-native software collects the documents, extracts all of the data, and normalizes to your template in seconds. And our artificial intelligence is learning all the time so your team gets even more efficient every time you use it.


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Data everyone can trust

We give all of your teams easy access to consistent, unified data.

Everyone has the final spread. The original document is one click away. Every decision is right before your eyes. For every deal you win, every loss, every application you receive.


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“The future of commercial lending will be very different – both very easy and very accurate – allowing credit decisions to be made in a millisecond. Fincura has cracked the code, moving the future within sight today.”


Eric Starr, Accord Financial Corp

"With Fincura, I get 50% of my day back for higher-value, more interesting work. I used those extra days and hours to create a new program to identify clients heading toward default so we can be more proactive. The value of that found time is immense."


Jennifer Okkerse, Accord Small Business Finance

“Thanks to Fincura’s deeper, more robust financial data, we can improve every step in our process, from focusing sales on best fit opportunities to managing risk more proactively.”


Don Hansen, Regents Capital

“Fincura’s financial insight engine gives us the power to understand, plan, and report on our portfolio in ways that were not possible before. It also changes our perspective of what it means to collect financial statements from our customers. What used to be a point-of-time analysis is now strategic data for our future.”


Ricardo Rios, Jr., Commercial Equipment Finance, Inc.

A true partner in your growth

We’re not your typical financial technology company. We built our software to blow your doors off. We built our team to make that happen again and again.

Go live fast

Go live in days, not months

We can deploy as fast as you need to hit your goals, thanks to our "new stack" development methodology.

We listen

We're all ears for you

We're not stuck in our ways. We want to hear how to make our products even better. You'll probably get sick of us asking.

Updates all the time

Updates, all the time

Because Fincura lives in the cloud, you get continuous product updates. Your IT guy can go get a cup of coffee.

SOC2 certified

A trusted partner

We work intimately with lenders and commercial finance companies to deliver secure, compliant solutions that meet your needs, and our modern technological infrastructure gives us the agility to move more quickly than other providers.

Fincura is certified as SOC 2 Type II compliant. You can read more about our SOC 2 here,
and you can request a copy of our SOC 2 Type II report here

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process a document?
An experienced user can complete a complex spread in under 4 minutes. Depending on the complexity of the document, the time can range from just seconds up to 10 minutes. 
Are there managed services or quality control teams behind the scenes?
No, there are no outsourced components or teams behind our product that require a "turnaround time." All documents are processed with a high degree of accuracy in a matter of seconds. We give our users full transparency and control over the process of getting from a document to a fully completed spread with ratios, metrics, and other analyses.
Can I integrate Fincura with other systems and platforms?
Yes! We have an easy-to-use API that you can use to integrate with your existing platforms. You can find the API documentation here.
Can I customize Fincura?
Yes! We can set up spreading templates customized to your institution’s spreading practices. You'll see financials just as you do in your current systems and spreadsheets.
Can I use different spreading templates by geography or industry?
Yes! You can set up as many templates as you'd like in Fincura, and assign them to each of your portfolio companies according to geography, industry, or any other category important to you.
How long does it take to get started?

Access to the Fincura application is completed within the hour of signing the agreement, and our white glove onboarding training takes place over several short meetings with our success team. Once you're in Fincura, creating portfolios, companies, and uploading and spreading financials is as easy as clicking a button.

Can you process images?
Yes! Our technology can handle financial statements submitted as PDFs, Excel, images, and more!
Which documents can I upload?

You can upload any document that contains a financial statement. This includes management prepared financials, CPA compiled statements, audited financials with footnotes, and public records such as a 10-K or 10-Q.

Fincura also supports US Tax Returns in forms 1065, 1120, 1120S, and 1040, in addition to Puerto Rican Corporate and Individual Tax Returns from the year 2012 through present. You can download our one-pager on Tax Returns here

How accurate is the data?
Our platform is designed to combine the power of AI with your financial expertise. Our machine learning technology gets the data 90% of the way there, and we provide you with the tools to bring the data to 100% accuracy within minutes. You can find more information on our approach to producing accurate data here
Can Fincura handle footnotes and schedules?

Yes! Fincura can digitize any financial data that comes in a tabular format, which you can then insert directly into your financial statements. Any non-tabular data, such as footnote text, can be captured as an image and incorporated into the analysis for each row, column, or cell that it describes.

Where is my data?
Your data is stored in data centers managed by Amazon Web Services. Our primary data centers are located within the United States, but our platform is able to support additional data residency requirements as needed.
Is my data secure?
Yes! Data security is our top concern, and our systems are SOC 2 certified. Data is fully encrypted using industry-standard AES encryption both while in-transit and at rest. Email if you have additional questions.

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