Product Overview


Funds streamline and improve portfolio risk management by automating spreading and compliance tracking using our AI-based technology.

FINCURA works seamlessly with funds' existing origination and financial reporting systems.


Your team can now spend more time on analysis and originations. We’ll manage your existing reporting.


Why choose FINCURA?

  • Efficiency

    Save your analysts time by revolutionizing back-office operations and analysis.

  • Accuracy

    Eliminate manual errors with automated processes coupled with data verification.

  • Simplicity

    Intuitive technology that is easy to use. Skip the long training courses.

  • Compliance

    Immediately generate compliance reports of your entire portfolio in just a few clicks.

  • Security - SOC 2

    Fincura is SOC 2 certified, meeting or exceeding industry standards adopted by financial institutions and the US government.

  • Easy Integration

    Our plug-and-play solution integrates with your existing portfolio management and origination software.




Automated Spreading

Boost your team's efficiency by allowing our AI-powered solution to spread all of your portfolio companies' financials from any document in any format. 


Intuitive Financial Analysis

FINCURA gives you 6x more data on each borrower for deeper analysis. Run repors through a cutting-edge interface that is easy to use and requires little training.


Instant Compliance Tracking

Receive compliance alerts immediately upon receiving your borrowers’ financials. Save time on resolving calculation errors between you and your borrowers.


Flexible and Customizable

Standardize spreads and covenants for your entire fund, by industry, or even for each portfolio company.


Simple Systems Integration

Our cloud-based interface works with your existing system of record. FINCURA only takes days, rather than months, to integrate and implement


How it works

FINCURA is powered by artificial intelligence, advanced document and image processing algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing, all tucked into a simple-to-use and modern cloud-based interface. Our solution is scaleable for funds of any size. 


Data Protection and Security


FINCURA understands the importance of data security, controls, and vendor management for lenders. We meet or exceed the industry standards and requirements adopted by financial institutions and the United States Government.

Using the infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services, FINCURA is partnered with one of the most advanced and secure data companies in the world.

FINCURA is SOC 2 compliant and certified.