Our financial insight engine

Under the hood

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Use your brain, rest your fingers

Smart extraction of financial data

Eliminate the manual data entry and get to the real work of financial analysis. Fincura ingests all of your client documents and uses our intelligent algorithms to extract all of the financial data, down to every line item and footnote.

Any statement

Any statement

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Tax returns
Any format

Any format

  • Image
  • Scanned PDF
  • Digital PDF
  • Excel
Any condition

Any condition

  • Rotated
  • Skewed
  • Noisy
Any period

Any period

  • Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Year-to-date
Any preparation type

Any preparation type

  • Management prepared
  • Accountant prepared
  • CPA prepared
  • Audited
Any funding type

Any funding type

  • Private
  • Public

Faster, more accurate spreading with AI + UI

Our blended approach to financial spreading keeps humans in the loop while using artificial intelligence to automate the most tedious tasks. We tune our machine learning to act only with absolute certainty, and your analysts have total control so it fits your processes and workflows.


Our intelligent learning algorithm processes financial data

Mapped to your templates
Auto-normalized line items
Auto-tagged footnotes
Auto-flagged problems


Expert control with a fast and easy user experience

Go keyboard first with Excel-like shortcuts 
Validate accuracy with auto-check features
Make adjustments and add comments
Automate interim spreads

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Analyze with complete visibility

After using our lightning-fast spreading, you can get right to the important stuff: analyzing the financial health of the business. Because all of your client financial information is in one place, Fincura makes it easier than ever before to complete your analysis.

  • Dive deep down to the line item
  • See every period side-by-side
  • Show your work through every step of analysis
  • Identify key areas for due diligence
  • Focus attention on ideal customers
  • Prepare for portfolio review
Analyze with complete visibility


Fully digitized statements
Instant ratios and metrics
Instant common size and trend
Financial overview dashboard
Make comments on adjustments


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Simplified management of all your financial information

Fincura creates a golden source of financial data at the heart of your organization. All of your client financial information is never more than a couple of clicks away. 

  • Easy to find client financials whenever you need them
  • Simplified management of financials across years and periods
  • Financial and non-financial documents in the same place
  • Secure anywhere access for every team

Traceability lightens every load

With all your data under the same roof, Fincura can immediately trace every data point back to the source document. See every line item highlighted on the original page.

No more digging through email inboxes and document stores. No more wondering which version is the final one. No more back and forth across teams to get the story. No more starting from scratch with foreign spreads.


Save massive amounts of time tracking down resources
Provide visibility into credit and investment decisions
Preserve an indelible record for compliance and audit
Maintain historical knowledge as your team changes

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Flexible document collection

Collecting and maintaining your clients’ documentation is a constant challenge for commercial financiers. Fincura simplifies the process, allowing you to automate as much or as little of it as you would like.

Direct uploads

Take the electronic documents you receive and upload them directly into our engine.

Customer uploads

Generate a custom link to a secure customer portal to send to your clients to upload themselves.

Automated triggers

Send an email with a link to our secure portal according to specific periods and covenants.

External sync

Get an alert when new documents sync to Fincura from your CRM or other system of record.

Work, the way you want

From the start, we built Fincura to fit your needs. Our customers drive the product roadmap for our financial insight engine.

We map to your existing templates so spreading delivers what you need.

Our product experts onboard, train, and support your team.

We play nice with the other applications that run your business.

Our engine’s AI is learning from your first to your latest spread.


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