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Move financial data forward

Our goal is to erase the silos of financial data that slow down commercial finance providers. These pillars guide how we develop our solutions.


For your data to be useful, it has to be consistent. We build so every member of your team can spread the same way every time.


Data you can’t find when you need it might as well not be there. We want to put your clients’ financial data right under your fingertips.


Document and information silos plagued finance services firms. More data transparency means greater efficiency and more collaboration.

Automation done right

Spreading financials is a nuanced art, not an exact science. You want to use your expertise to dig in where needed, and you have to trust the machine’s work to make business critical decisions with confidence.

Our financial insight engine optimizes efficiency by combining our proprietary algorithms,  expert human inputs, streamlined processes, and rich user experiences. We design automation that is:


Use AI only with extreme certainty


Provide traceability for inputs and outputs


Keep humans in the driver’s seat with full control

Mirroring the human brain

The human brain is magical. Our artificial intelligence is wholly inspired by it. When you’re poring over a financial document, your brain is running incredibly complex processes without really thinking about it. Here’s the gist.


Language processing

Reading financial statements requires constantly comparing bespoke diction and context against a highly specialized language set and categorization.

Contextual geometry

Differentiating tabular financial data from other text requires recognizing sometimes subtle cues from the format, location, and patterns of the data.

Numerical consistency

While processing the language and geometry, your brain is trained by practice to check the mathematical consistency until numeracy becomes instinctual.

Our machine learning

Getting smarter all the time

You can’t just bolt AI onto any old software package. Fincura was designed from the ground up to take maximum advantage of human input, both across all of our customers and for every customer.

Global learning

Thanks to seeing more and more spreads every day, our AI is constantly training from the human additions and revisions across all of our customers. This anonymized learning enables us to deliver continuous incremental improvements in automation that save time for our users.

Local learning

Our AI remembers how the human and machine categorize items in a borrower’s financial statements. The next time it sees those items Fincura recalls those categorizations so the next financials it sees are completed in seconds, with only any new items left to do.

Get ahead of the technology curve

The pace of change will never be as slow as it is today.”

Sue Siegel
Chief Innovation Officer
General Electric


We live in heady times of technological revolution. After disrupting the consumer space, FinTech is making rapid in-roads in the commercial space.

Our goal at Fincura is to give traditional players the same ability to innovate as the new upstarts. You have massive advantages in expertise and latent data. What you need are the same technological tools.

That’s why we built our financial insight engine on today’s cutting edge technology, what Morgan Stanley Research dubbed the "New Stack"

Cloud native

Cloud native


Agile development


DevOps support

Innovate continuously

Enable developers to move fast and deliver more value to customers

Deliver reliably

Ensure stability and security with frequent, rigorous testing

InfoSec ready, IT friendly

Fincura is SOC 2 Type II certified. You can read more about our certification here, and you can request a copy of our SOC 2 Type II report here

Our next-generation architecture also ensures that we’re ready to earn the blessing of your IT team. In addition to hands-off administration and maintenance, we designed Fincura from the first line of code to provide enterprise-grade security and extensibility for integrations.


We follow industry best standards to ensure your data is always protected.

  • Military grade AES-256 encryption to protect data in transit and at rest
  • Data isolation using per-tenant encryption keys
  • Complete audit trail of access and transactions
  • Protected from external threats and audited for internal compliance


We easily integrate with your other systems to support your current processes.

  • Robust, extensive APIs for modern applications
  • File sync for legacy and on-premise systems
  • Sync all financial data or a targeted subset
  • Implemented in weeks, rather than months

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